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Glimpses into our pattern design process, interior design projects, and journey towards an eco-conscious lifestyle and home.

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I'm Charisse
Surface pattern designer, author, and eco-conscious interior design consultant. Bringing balance, harmony, and flow into homes and lives. Created to serve a purpose, and with purpose.
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Beach Theme Decor Ideas For Bringing The Coast To Your Home

There is nothing quite like the serenity of coastal living. Step into the best beach theme decor ideas to bring a similar feeling of peace into your home.

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BY  CHARISSE MAREI “Knowing how to clean enriches the task. As you learn, you will develop a system, form a rhythm, and see progress. This equates to positive chi that synergistically harmonizes with your being and filters through the home.” -excerpt “Eco-Conscious Home” book A New Approach = A New You! I had a bit […]

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A Wellness Room

You deserve a home that nourishes, beautifies, and enhances well-being, to love the space you are in, to refresh and revitalize from the inside out and the outside in. Clutter free and holistic health.

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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart & Home

  Read More Thanks for being a loyal subscriber. We appreciate hearing from you. Please send us Qs on how we can help you live in a healthy home & well-being. Charisse Marei is the visionary, creative director, and illustrator of her work, including three nonfiction books: The Bathroom, the first book in the series One […]

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Water consciousness begins with us Don’t Throw Away – Reuse Not all water bottles are created equal. Throwaway plastic water bottles are a growing global phenomenon with a negative impact on our natural resources, healthy, flying feathered friends, and life within our waters. Here are the 5 biggest reasons to ditch those throwaway bottles and opt […]

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Do you want your life to feel less cluttered? Grab my free mini-guide to clearing the clutter – inside & out!

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Water Consciousness H2O Nourish Your Body, Protect Our Earth written by Charisse Marei

BY CHARISSE MAREI Did you know, the earth contains 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water? That’s 326 million trillion gallons! Of that, 96.5 percent is saline (saltwater – undrinkable). Two percent is frozen. Surprisingly, less than one percent is fresh and drinkable. Water awareness is now a growing phenomenon As the annual global population continues to increase at […]

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Eco-Tips to Filter Your Household Water

by Charisse Marei Do you find yourself wondering if you should improve the quality of your household water? Imagine each time you turn on a faucet, pour a glass of water, or step into the shower you experience refreshing high quality, contaminate-free, odor-free, clear, and silky tasting water. Unfiltered household water is more than likely […]

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A Healthy Home for Healthy Pets “Everything you need, is at your fingertips, just reach.” Happy February! I hope you have something special planned to bring more joy into your life, for this month is all about sharing love! I’m super excited to share some love with you. I’m a feature story and on the cover […]

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Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Expert Charisse Marei Shares Healthy Home Eco-Tips

LIVID Magazine, Living it Daily CHRISTINE BLANCHETTE Unsure where to begin to have less clutter in your home, and more of a harmonious space? Charisse Marei, an eco-conscious lifestyle expert offers her tips on how to create a healthy home. Here is our Q&A Q: What are there some ways to make your home cozier? CM: Creating […]

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9 Life Changing Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

Mmmmm, citrus essential oils—we know you’re swooning for them! Pop open a bottle and take in the sweet, nose-crinkling, mouthwatering, tangy scent. It’s no secret that Lemon, Lime, and Orange get the limelight in the citrus category. But here’s a secret you need to be in on—there’s a cutie in the citrus bunch that’s worth […]

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As you know, many commercial products are laden with toxins and nasty chemicals. Fortunately, you have safer alternatives when it comes to cleaners, personal care items, products for kids and pets, and even makeup. Wondering where to find items made from natural, plant-based ingredients? This list is a good place to start when switching to […]

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I'm Charisse Marei

Surface pattern design artist, author, and eco-conscious interior designer.

This story began decades ago (including the interior design of corporate jets) and took off from there.

I’ve spent decades studying, teaching, and applying the science of healthy buildings and sustainable design practices.

Now, I rely on the power of surface pattern design to soften noise, lessen clutter, and welcome others into a creative world of joy, beauty, and balance.

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