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Eco-Tips to Filter Your Water

by Charisse Marei

DIY Eco-TIps To Filter Your Household Water

Do you find yourself wondering if you should improve the quality of your household water? Imagine each time you turn on a faucet, pour a glass of water, or step into the shower you experience refreshing high quality, contaminate-free, odor-free, clear, and silky tasting water.

Unfiltered household water is more than likely laden with a host of impurities such as chlorine, chloramines (chlorine & ammonia), microbes (bacteria), heavy metals (copper, mercury, lead, …), sediment, arsenic, low pH (lower than 7) and much more. Why does this matter? It alarmingly diminishes health and vitality. 

Did you know there can be more than 2100 known contaminants in unfiltered tap water? Pretty scary. After all, where is the joy in dirty, smelly, chemical-laden water?

As an eco-conscious designer, I research and recommend products that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, balance, and environmental safety into all aspects of the design phase to deliver a ‘Healthy Home for Living.’ This equates to more joy, clarity, and vibrant living for you at home, work, and play.

I’ve gathered 3+1 of my favorite filtration eco-tips to help you improve the quality of your household water. As a bonus you will discover personal preferences (PP) to guide you along your transformational journey. These eco-tips are simple and doable witout delay.

Filter Your Water by Charisse Marei

Test Your Water. Test, filter, Re-Test your water to always know what’s in your water.

The System. Before investing in an expensive system such as a whole house water filtration system review your water report and contact a professional. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional certified plumber when installing a complex whole house or complex under-sink system. Simple countertop, shower, and faucet models are along the line of DIY and affordable.

Filtration. Look for highly efficient innovative products that provide clean tasting water, low to no salt, no chemicals added, low water and energy usage, and carbon-neutral models.

3+1 DIY Favorite Options

Countertop. These models sit on top of your counter and connect to the kitchen sink faucet. Look for economic and sustainable models that remove the highest percentage of contaminants and go beyond government standards. I continue to recommend the 10 Stage Plus water filter for clients and personally use it in our second home kitchen and master bathroom. The design is clean and simple.

PP: 10 Stage Plus with cartilage system

Filtrate Your Counter Top Water

Under Counter. These models are tucked away underneath your kitchen sink. In addition to countertop functions noted look for the number of gallons of freshwater filtered per year. Note the specific contaminants removed. 10 Stage Plus has an under-counter version as well. A more complex and extremely effective system is Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Under counter sink water filtration

Shower Filters. These models attach to your showerhead. Simply screw the filter housing onto the shower downpipe, and tightly screw the showerhead onto the filter. Look for models that remove health hazard contaminants (see above) especially chlorine. When chlorine is heated it turns into a toxic gas that readily absorbs through your skin and inhaled into your lungs.

Shower Filtration Charisse Marei

Bathtub Filters. These models are super easy to attach to the bathtub spout. Look for innovative models that balance pH, de-chlorinate, remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), iron oxides (rusty water), VOCs, BPA Free, and more. Just hang it over the bathtub spout. As the water runs through the ball it immediately filters out the toxins. You’re left with the healthiest and most refreshing bathing water.

PP: Bath Ball Filter (Crystal Quest)

Bathtub Water Filtration Charisse Marei

Additional options include whole house system and transportable water bottles.

Love to know how this article helped you and family members in your home.

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