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Beach Theme Decor Ideas For Bringing The Coast To Your Home


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We can all agree that there is nothing quite like the serenity that coastal living offers. Whether you live steps away from the water, or an hour’s drive away, bringing the beauty of the ocean to your home can welcome a similar feeling of peace.

As an eco-conscious interior designer and surface pattern designer inspired by water-side aesthetics, I’ve shared some of the best coastal beach theme decor ideas to incorporate into your home.

Beach Theme Decor Ideas: Subtly coastal or boldly beachy?

The beach can evoke an array of feelings and aesthetics, so it’s desirable to find the direction that resonates with you most. If your time spent by the water is filled with sandy soirees and beach activities, maybe a more nostalgic and bold decor theme is the one for you.

Everyone deserves a home that nourishes, beautifies, and enhances well-being

However, if you prefer to spend your evenings soaking up the easy calm of private beaches or sipping tea on the porch overlooking the ocean, you might be more attuned to a subtle coastal vibe.

Calm in your spaces, calm in your mind

Beachy decor ideas for your living room

Coastal fabric for chairs

If you’re looking for an accent chair for your lounge area, incorporating coastal fabric for a chair is a great way to make a statement. Go with a soft blue hue for a more whimsical touch, or if you are looking for an elegant feel, deeper tones will do the trick.

Incorporate real sea shells

What better way to instill a beachy feel throughout your home than with actual seashells? Whether you gather them on your family vacation or source them from a local decor shop, arranging authentic shells into jars or even on their own adds an immersive touch to your coastal decorating style.

Sea glass-inspired vases

Channel the nostalgia of searching for sea glass along the lapping waves with green, blue, and crystal-hued vases. The weathered look of the sea glass brings a vintage yet classic look to any space.

Tropical house plants

Bring the fresh greens of the coastal air into your home with palms or monsteras. These tropical plants not only add brightness to your space, but they can actually improve the air quality within your home.

Coastal Decorating Style IdeasDecor Ideas: for the bedroom

Beachy bedding

Simple patterns and themed throw pillows can add a nautical atmosphere to your bedroom. With a new duvet or quilt, you can completely transform the feeling of the most relaxing space in your home.

Coastal curtains 

Changing the window treatments in your room can transform the space. Choosing coastal colors or designs for these curtains can complement a more subtle choice for your bed linens. 

Stick to a coastal color palette

Depending on which beach theme decor ideas you choose, keeping with a coastal color palette will be the best way to create a cohesive feeling throughout your home. But, that doesn’t mean you must limit yourself to blues and whites. Colors like greens, corals, tans, and yellows can all be incorporated beautifully into your coastal decor style.

Ready to turn these beach theme decor ideas into reality?

As an eco-conscious interior designer and surface pattern designer, I draw inspiration from the calming atmosphere of coastal towns and evenings at the beach with my family. You can shop your favorite surface pattern designs and print them on the products your home needs most. Don’t hesitate to reach out with personal requests for a specific product in mind.

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