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Eco-conscious interior design that blends beauty, functionality, & healthy living so you can transform your home with ease.

It's Time To Create Spaces That Bring The Joy Back Into Your Home & Help You

live well.

Feeling overwhelmed?

there's a connection between your home and well being

Clutter is at the heart of disorganization. That’s why we’ll promote calm, clarity, and joy by clearing your unwanted emotional and physical 'noise’ by releasing the items that no longer serve you, without forcing you to throw it all away.

Clutter-Free Living

When we do nearly everything from home, it’s not always easy to protect your health in a rapidly expanding world of wireless tech. Together, we’ll be mindful of your tech so your home can truly reflect the lifestyle you want to have, not the one you think you need.

ElectroMagnetic Pollution

Healthy water is a global issue but it’s also necessary to our own well-being. We’ll address all things water in your home—filtration, conservation, sustainable, and efficient products. We’ll be water-conscious in every room of your home.

Water Conscious

Indoor air can be up to five times more toxic than exterior air. Together, we’ll discover the toxins in your home and systematically remove the particulates so your environment supports your energy, nutrition, and overall health.

Breathe-able air

Living in balance and harmony with your interior spaces starts with eco-conscious design, an approach that seamlessly blends the principles of interior design with well-being and sustainability.

Eco-Conscious Design

All Services Focus On

A healthy living environment is as essential as nutrition and exercise. To truly thrive, you need your home to transform from toxic, cluttered, and overwhelmed to balanced, harmonious, and planet-friendly.

You Deserve a Home That Supports Your Lifestyle & Well-being, Sustainably.

Change for the



That’s why we transform interior spaces into beautiful, breathe-able dwellings to support your home, health, and natural environment.

A happy home is one that reflects your personal vision, engages the senses, and creates unity between your health & your environment.

From virtual to in-person services, your consultation will blend everything from feng shui & aromatherapy to clean living & organization so your home serves you and the life you live.

Above all, I care about helping people cultivate the connection between their home and their well-being, guiding them to create interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also balanced, environmentally safe, and healthy for everyone. Even your furry friends! As an Eco Conscious Interior Designer, Certified Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Green Designer, and Feng Shui Consultant, now I’m helping you transform your home from the inside out.

I’ll Help You Create a Home That Makes You Feel Inspired, Joyful, & Free to

Hi, I'm charisse




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with Charisse

Katie Binnion

“We have worked with Charisse for years now. Charisse is professional, timely, dependable and has amazing talent. She has the ability to walk into a home and really understand and appreciate a person or family's needs. Charisse has the ability to really tie an entire home together all the while keeping individuality alive in different rooms. She always includes all family members in the process, understanding that spouses and children want to be heard and have their opinions heard and incorporated into the final product.”

“You know that feeling when you just have to make a change in your home space? I know I do! I was a bit fearful at first that Charisse would try to impose her views on what my space should look like. NOT AT ALL!!

From the moment we connected, she completely got my sense of what I wanted. She was absolutely amazing to work with. She was so full of life and positive energy, as well as excited to have me loving my interior spaces. From the big picture to the smallest details, Charisse was so committed. As someone who can change my mind from season to season, I never once felt that I needed to question her direction. I believe that you will find her background, skill and knowledge are unmatched. The feeling now when I walk into my space is such a great experience. I strongly recommend her!”

Francesca Luca

“From the moment we connected, she completely got my sense of what I wanted.”

“We wouldn't know what to do without Charisse, she makes you want to keep going even after the project is long done!”

Denise Pereau

Her eco-conscious approach to living healthy is an essential need in these uncertain times. Trust is a commodity that can’t be undervalued by professionals working within the confines of our private spaces. You can trust her and her team to treat your space with respect. You can trust Charisse to be kind yet candid. You can trust that her advisories are based on an educated, experienced, eco-dynamic interior designer perspective.”

“Charisse Marei is an accomplished, and gifted interior designer, who helps her clients design healthy homes using Feng Shui principles, green living, and interesting applications of essential oils, even in paint! 

I have personally known Charisse for over ten years. Early on she helped design my Wellness Studio to provide healthy flowing “qi,” Chinese word for energy, in the space. She is passionate about what she does to promote having a healthy home, body and mind, for most assuredly your health is your first wealth.” 

Debi Dunn

“Charisse is a consummate professional, and one that is dedicated to helping you achieve balance, wellness with a touch of magic in your life!”

"You can trust Charisse to make sure your home environment is beautiful and safe. What more could you ask for?’

Kristen Lamoreaux

“After initially meeting Charisse, I knew we had to have her facilitate one of our national SIM Women webinars. Her talk on "Clear your Clutter, Clear your Mind" applied to both physical clutter in your office space and inner clutter that blocks your creativity. She was very well received via the SIM Women webinar and at the breakfast table discussion she led at the SIM Philadelphia Technology Leadership Summit”

“As this carefully written book suggests, our home reflects our personalities and offers an opportunity for creating greater beauty and orderliness in our surroundings and our lives. It’s a beautiful and thoughtfully written treatise on the "Eco-Conscious Home" as a metaphor for releasing what no longer serves while bringing in and creating exquisite order around us. Her ecological consciousness, your environmental sensitivity, and your interest in promoting the health of your readers makes the book especially valuable.”

Susan E. Brown

“Hail to a thoughtful guidebook encouraging each of us to de-clutter and create beauty according to our own preferences. You have indeed written a beautiful book.”

"Her talk on "Clear your Clutter, Clear your Mind" applied to both physical clutter in your office space and inner clutter that blocks your creativity.”


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