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Charisse Marei offers both virtual and in person Eco Interior Design Services, blending Beauty, Functionality, and Healthy Living to truly transform your home and life.

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Do you want your life to feel less cluttered? Grab my free mini-guide to clearing the clutter – inside & out!

Feeling depleted? Distracted? Irritated by everything & everyone?

I understand what it feels like to be drained of joy and energy. Our homes and inner-selves are reflections of each other. When your space is cluttered, disorganized and filled with toxins it causes a sense of dis-ease inside us. When we are emotionally overwhelmed (as so, so many of us are right now), it spills into our surroundings as chaos and mess.

This is clutter.

Clutter is anything or anyone that makes you feel less than the person you are meant to be!

A “clutter-feeling” is when what you feel is the opposite of “Oola” (awesomeness, per The Oola Guys). 

You express this externally through untidiness in the physical space and internally with dis-ease (not feeling at ease on an emotional level).

When one or a cluster of clutter situations is on the rise, a mood shift takes place. You begin to feel annoyance, anxiousness, distractability, and forgetfulness. 

None of these emotions reflect a healthy living lifestyle.

Let my mini-guide help you through clearing this “clutter-feeling” inside and outside.

Get a taste of Eco-Conscious Home

Experience a life freed from overwhelm and toxicity using tools pulled directly from my two books: Eco-Conscious Living and A Timeless Keepsake journal.

A copy Eco-Conscious Home sits on a white and grey marble counter beside a silver vase filled with white tulips. White subway tile backsplash behind everything.
Eco-Conscious Home by Charisse Marei

In Eco-Conscious Home, I reveal how to rid your home of toxins, clutter, and design dilemmas to create spaces that enhance well-being. Transform your home into an eco-friendly haven to create a healthy, clean life – one room at a time.

“A beautiful and thoughtfully written treatise on the Eco-Conscious Home as a metaphor for releasing what no longer serves while bringing in and creating exquisite order around us. As this carefully written book suggests, our homes reflect our personalities and offer an opportunity for creating greater beauty and orderliness in our surroundings and our lives. … Charisse Marei’s ecological consciousness, her environmental sensitivity, and her interest in promoting the health of her readers make the book especially valuable.” — Susan E. Brown, Ph.D., CNS director, Center for Better Bones

Two copies of A Timeless Keepsake sit on a bleached wood surface next to a pale pink mug, a hand holding a pale blue pencil reaching towards them.
A Timeless Keepsake by Charisse Marei

In its simplest form, it’s a journal – though not your typical journal. A Timeless Keepsake is designed with you in mind. It’s the one place to Release, Renew, Revitalize memories from days gone by, the present, and what is yet to come.

“For those new to this process, Charisse includes a section on preparing to journal. There are also several other visual aids to inspire and enlighten. Throughout the journal, there are encouraging phrases to prompt your entries. A Timeless Keepsake arrives beautifully packaged to help awaken your internal creativity. This would make a wonderful gift for a new mother, grandmother or dear friend.” – Jeanette Perkins, Product Reviewer for Grand Magazine

Download my FREE Mini-Guide to releasing your life from “Clutter-Feelings”

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Your Free Guide to Ditch The Clutter & Celebrate Healthy Living

Grab my free guide on how to clear your clutter in physical spaces & inside your body. Start your journey now to enhance clarity, joy, inspiration, and productivity to live a healthier lifestyle so you can love the space you're in at home, work, and even at play! + eco-tips included.

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Above all, I care about helping people cultivate the connection between their home and their well-being, guiding them to create interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also balanced, environmentally safe, and healthy for everyone. Even your furry friends! As an Eco Conscious Interior Designer, Certified Professional Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Green Designer, and Feng Shui Consultant, now I’m helping you transform your home from the inside out.

I’ll Help You Create a Home That Makes You Feel Inspired, Joyful, & Free to

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