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Toxic Products in Your Home May Be Making Your Family and Pets Sick

In Eco-Conscious Home, author Charisse Marei reveals how to rid your home of toxins and create an atmosphere that enhances well-being

In the just-released book Eco-Conscious Home: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart & Home (Friesen Press), eco-interior designer Charisse Marei asks homeowners to remove the alarming number of harmful, chemical-laden cleaning products in their linen closets, basements, kitchens and bathrooms, all of which combine to create indoor air that is five times more polluted than air found outside.

She writes: “It is distressing to realize each spritz and squeeze of a bottle contributes to poor indoor air quality. It doesn’t stop there. As you breathe in a plethora of fine mist particulates, it negatively affects well-being—clarity, health, energy, and oh, so much more.” Yet, she points out, we spend 80 percent of our time indoors breathing in this unhealthy concoction without realizing it.

Marei (pronounced Moray) is more cheerleader than alarmist, however, offering readers tips, recipes, lists and other resources to make home what it should be: a safe place to live and a place of respite for families.

In an interview, Marei can:

  • Help consumers identify the toxins in their lives hiding in plain sight and to easily spot the words to watch out for on labels using four simple steps
  • Explain her 3R concept that allows people to release, renew, and revitalize their homes, bodies, minds and spirits
  • Talk about her easy approach for starting with one room at a time (and why the bathroom is an ideal room with which to begin)
  • Discuss why being eco-conscious can actually save people money

Praise for Eco-Conscious Home

“Eco-Conscious Home is a beautifully written and exquisitely illustrated guidebook to your inner interior designer! … This is a perfect gift for the person who wants a healthier home but isn’t quite sure where to begin.” — Suzette Lawrence, MSN, author, researcher, lifestyle coach

“Since I own a cleaning business and have been in thousands of homes over the past thirty years, I am aware of what it takes to keep a place clutter-free and to clean green. … This is my go-to book for everything from detoxing to design to ‘me’ time. A must-read for any homeowner or anyone interested in eco-conscious living to protect our homes, well-being, furry friends, and Earth.” — Celeste A. Jackson, CEOCJ’s Domestic Services, USA

“A beautiful and thoughtfully written treatise on the Eco-Conscious Home as a metaphor for releasing what no longer serves while bringing in and creating exquisite order around us. As this carefully written book suggests, our homes reflect our personalities and offer an opportunity for creating greater beauty and orderliness in our surroundings and our lives. … Charisse Marei’s ecological consciousness, her environmental sensitivity, and her interest in promoting the health of her readers make the book especially valuable.” — Susan E. Brown, Ph.D., CNS director, Center for Better Bones

About the Author
Charisse Marei is an eco-conscious interior designer, author and founder of Healthy Living with Charisse Marei who has worked with numerous homeowners for more than 30 years. She is also a consulting expert and the author of the series One Room at a Time: A Timeless Keepsake and Eco-Conscious Home for Breathe-able Clean.

Contact: Charisse Marei, (610) 505-8695;  www.charissemarei.com/

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