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The Half Bath Eco-Design with Passion

My passion for small spaces is exceptional, and the half bath is no exception.

The half baths are the smallest rooms in my home. One in particular is located on the main floor midway between the front and rear of the house. Visuals are seen into this tiny space from various viewpoints such as the music room, kitchen, and the transition to and from the main hall.

What does the eye see while glancing toward the half bath? What image is captured? Is it the natural light that filters through the window dressing, or is it the subtle glow from the single candlestick? Did one notice the tiny framed artwork positioned just below the window frame that reads:

transcends all time.
It is a voice inside the heart
that never stops

There is so much more than what meets the eye of a passerby. It’s the thought process, the passion, and the energetic connection that one feels, which is portrayed in the overall composition. There is no main focal point. Each individual vignette is a picture within itself. A subtle ahh is mindlessly released.

The foundation of the half bath, which measures six-by-six-by-nine feet, began with two of my most favored tiles left over from the gathering room floor and kitchen backsplash. In one hand, I held an aged creamy-hued limestone tile infused with meandering gray veining. In the other hand was the most intriguing handmade European white-and-soft-green tile adorned with an inlay of miniature cut crystal glass.

I thought, How can I discard the extras into a rubbish pile? Their intrinsic nature has so much substance. Of all the hundreds of tiles I had seen, none compared to the organic beauty of what was before me. I gathered every last tile and designed the floor. One-inch square glass tiles were inset into a two-by-two-foot central area to form a diamond.

Individual limestone tiles of various geometric sizes were placed around the inset to form a random pattern. As I stood looking at my masterpiece, my eyes widened as I did the happy dance. A work of art was created. Each adjoining tile, from the first to the last, was as breathtakingly important as the next to complete the composition.

Gorgeously gratifying

Oh, those walls! These darling havens were destined to have their own unifying element separate from the main house. Transforming blank canvas walls into a colorful splendor to capture the soul and imagination was key. My goal was to reach beyond a splash of color from a can. I envisioned a luxurious print extending from floor to ceiling enhancing the verticality and natural splendor of the space. To my absolute delight I found myself captivated by an ecology line of wallpaper.

half bath wallpaper

Endless works of art dripped off the page. Each wall covering signified a work of art, a reflection of my unique eco-design style story of natural elements, timeless elegance, favored soft hues, and delightful whimsical patterns. The swirl motif chosen for this powder room expressed no boundaries as it subtly changed form, conforming to one’s imagination.

I am . . . forever fascinated

My desire was to mimic this approach in the tall single window dressing design. With pencil and paper in hand, I sketched my favored balloon-style designs above cafe curtains. The design concept was spot-on to enrich the natural grandeur of nature and to create privacy.

I reflect ~ I smile

I chose to share this powder room with you because I love the space. Yes, it is small, but it is what you do with a space—any space—that matters.

I may be sitting in the kitchen at the island in deep thought while writing a story to you. As I sit back, slightly tilting my head to the left, I see the sparkling light, the white sheer fabric, and several branches of the birch tree. Energetically, it feels good. I smile.

I see it, I use it, every day, and several times throughout the day. It is my closest friend. It is widely utilized by family members, friends, and guests to linger, to embrace the natural splendor. It is the second-smallest room in the house. The other is the half bath on the lower level that I also designed for a purpose and with purpose.

Three Flowers

-Excerpted from One Room at a Time: The Bathroom; Your Essential Guide to a Beautiful Eco-Conscious, Healthy-Living Lifestyle by Charisse Marei

Order the book on Amazon.

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The Half Bath Eco-Design with Passion

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