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How To: DIY Perfume with ESSENTIAL OILS – PART 3

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Essential Oils

Ditch the chemical-laden perfumes! Create signature blends with all natural plant based ‘Perfume Oils’ to compliment your personal style. What is your personal style? What scent will you be remembered for? After all scent is associated with memories. Everyone has a personal scent that is delightful (pure, natural) or offensive (artificially strong and perhaps overbearing). Do a memory recall of favorable and unfavorable scents–who, what, and where comes to mind?

Still with me? I believe it’s time to get creative and have some fun making your personal ‘Perfume Oil’ to compliment a beautiful eco-lifestyle.

To make the blend, choose one oil essential oil from the three “notes” categories—top note, middle note, base note.

top notes: smell first, quick-evaporating!
middle notes: smell a moment later, known as the heart of the perfume.
base notes: compliment top & middle notes, extend the longevity of the middle notes, and leave a final lasting impression.

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Perfume 101 - How to Make Your Own Perfume

3-Sniffing Steps

While choosing essentials oils, it is customary to clear the senses in-between sniffs. Before you begin the sniff process gather organic coffee beans, place in a dish, and remember to sniff, sniff, sniff those beans.

  • Choose the Essential Oils
  • Start with the base note.
  • Soften with the middle note.
  • Finish with the top note. (makes a lasting first impression)

Tools of the Trade

  • Preparation is key. Decide if you will blend alone or plan a DIY Eco-Perfume-Making Party.
  • Select a date to blend.
  • Gather supplies beforehand.
  • We recommend Young Living essential oils for their therapeutic, pure properties. Not a member? Become a Young Living Essential Oil ‘Member’  to purchase supplies at a 24% discount, and become part of ourEco-Conscious Home tribe!

The Supplies

Start Blending

  • Combine 10 – 15 drops of essential oils (base, middle, top note) into the each 5-ml or 15-ml bottle until the blend is balanced and you are loving the scent!
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with V-6.
  • Place the roller cap or dropper cap on the bottle.
  • Name the perfume. Print labels. Wrap around the bottle. Adhere with tape.
  • Drip drops or roll you fantastical new scent anywhere you apply perfume.

Share With Us

Share your personal perfume oil blends with us. Include essential oils and how many drops. We’d love to hear about it and may just share it forward.

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