I'm Charisse
Surface pattern designer, author, and eco-conscious interior design consultant. Bringing balance, harmony, and flow into homes and lives. Created to serve a purpose, and with purpose.
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9 Things About Me That Only “The Girls” Know . . . In The Bathroom!

 1.  While showering all negative thoughts are acknowledged, released, and go down the drain. Happy thoughts flourish. Yes, I sing in the shower.

2. I rarely stand still. Dance a little. Sing a little.

  • Oh yes, “The Girls” love this time, too.

3.  Leg exercises are part of my rhythmic routine.

4. I brush my teeth with black charcoal toothpaste.

5.  On a non hair cleansing day, I style and apply makeup before showering.

6.  I methodically remove one category of products, use, and return to the designated place before moving on to the next task.

  • oral care products
  • facial cleansing products
  • hair care products
  • towel hanging

7.  I hand wash hair and cosmetic brushes with drops of plant-based shampoo.

8.  Multitasking is a thing.

9.  The iPhone is purposefully placed in another part of the house (can’t hear you).

LOL! Lots of Laughs

Lots of Love

Lots of Living

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I'm Charisse Marei

Surface pattern design artist, author, and eco-conscious interior designer.

This story began decades ago (including the interior design of corporate jets) and took off from there.

I’ve spent decades studying, teaching, and applying the science of healthy buildings and sustainable design practices.

Now, I rely on the power of surface pattern design to soften noise, lessen clutter, and welcome others into a creative world of joy, beauty, and balance.

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