Coaching & Retreats for a Healthy Living Lifestyle

Create healthy, breath-able spaces that support balance, beauty, and toxin-free living.

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You lead an active lifestyle. You're conscious of what foods go into your body. You make time for self-care. BUT you still feel tired, drained and searching for your joy. The answer isn't only inside you, it's outside you too.

It's time to take a whole-life approach to your wellbeing: mind, body and space.

As a passionate advocate for eco-conscious, healthy home for living, I empower women to transform an unhealthy  cluttered lifestyle into one that promotes unity, design & enviro-safety to support the home and our planet.

My One Room at a Time approach is a simple, action-inspiring way to engage and transform your life into one of harmony and balance without overwhelm.

Together, we’ll discover physical & environmental blocks that affect your health, happiness, and productivity. You’ll come away with a space that supports both the life you lead and the lifestyle you hope to have.

You take care of yourself and your home... so why do you feel so depleted? For a fully healthy and joy-filled life, you need to clear the clutter from your mind, body and space.


Clutter is at the heart of disorganization. That’s why we’ll promote calm, clarity, and joy by clearing unwanted emotional and physical 'noise’ by releasing the items that no longer serve you, without forcing you to throw it all away.

Clutter-Free Living

When we do nearly everything from home, it’s not always easy to protect your health in a rapidly expanding world of wireless tech. Together, we’ll be mindful of your tech so your home can truly reflect the lifestyle you want to have, not the one you think you need.

ElectroMagnetic Pollution

Healthy water is a global issue but it’s also necessary to our own well-being. We’ll address all things water in your home—filtration, conservation, sustainable, and efficient products. We’ll be water-conscious in every room of your home.

Water Conscious

Indoor air can be up to five times more toxic than exterior air. Together, we’ll discover the toxins in your home and systematically remove the harmful particulates so your environment supports your energy, nutrition, and overall health.

Breathe-able air

Living in balance and harmony with your interior spaces starts with eco-conscious design, an approach that seamlessly blends the principles of interior design with well-being and sustainability.

Eco-Conscious Design

Our Approach

An organized home doesn’t necessarily equal a clean or healthy home. That’s why my one room at a time approach makes cultivating a healthy home a straightforward process. Moving through your home methodically and room by room, we define your design goals and create a plan that addresses toxicity, reduces overwhelm, and lack of clarity so you can have healthy, sustainable spaces. As your guide, I will empower you with the essential tools to create a space that supports your well-being, loved ones, and the earth in a way that is most authentic to your lifestyle. We only move on when a room is truly complete so you know each room helps you live a balanced, beautiful, and breathe-able life.

We design one room at a time.

You get a space that’s rich with eco-conscious design, love, & fully environmentally safe.

My process weaves together a variety of methodologies, including eco-conscious design, enviro-safety, and feng shui into every aspect of your project so you come away with a home that fully supports you. I listen to your desires and deliver what you need every step of the way to create a home that reflects beautiful, breathe-able living. Together we will clear clutter, enviro issues, and toxicity to create spaces with clearer energy. 

How do we create a clutter free life?

You’ll be taken on a transformational journey within your own home in a way that raises your energy.

From concept to completion, I’m here to help you transition a cluttered, toxic, and complicated environment into a harmonious home that delivers clear, balanced, and environmentally safe spaces to support you day in and day out. After you embark through the full eco-design process, you’ll have inner + outer spaces free of environmental dilemmas, imbalances, and overwhelm.

Book Your Free Clarity Call

• Comprehensive design and environmental assessment of your one room of choice 

• Pre-session questionnaire  + photo review

• Live virtual Zoom call to include a walk through of your project room

• Actionable advice & immediate steps to create change

What's Included

One time payment of $1997. (USD)


01- Fill out the questionnaire and send photos of the space

02- I’ll review and assess your questionnaire and photos.

03- On our call, I will deliver a comprehensive design and environmental assessment so you know exactly what you need to do to transform your home, starting with one room.

The Process

• You need an actionable plan on how to clear the clutter, toxins, and organize one room at a time in your home. 

• You are ready for a refresh or new design to address beauty, balance, and function through furniture selections, placement, color, wall and window fashions, accessories, and more.

• You are ready to identify and remediate environmental issues such as household toxins, indoor air quality, electromagnetic pollution (EMFs & RFs), water impurities, and conservation.  

• You’re ready for a clear direction on how to remove inner and outer overwhelm and replace it with remedies that support well-being so you can feel good. 

Ideal For you if...

Like a spa day for your home, create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and environmentally healthy with a 4 hour dedicated healthy home for living session.



4 hour VIP Session

Book Your Free Clarity Call

• Comprehensive design and environmental assessment of your home

• Pre-session questionnaire + photo review

• Twice-monthly one-hour coaching sessions for the duration of your consultation

• Meeting recaps, actionable advice, and immediate steps to create change

• Email support between sessions

• Final session to tidy up tasks + plan for what’s next

• Curated healthy home gift set (US mail delivery)

What's Included

8 Sessions Total:
- ONE Hour-long initial consultation
- SIX Twice-monthly hour-long coaching sessions
- ONE Hour-long final action planning session

Your Investment:
3 payments of $1397. (USD)
or a one time payment of $3997. (USD)

Let's first get introduced through a free clarity call today.


01- Before our initial call, we’ll review & analyze your information, research products, materials, and design layouts.

02- I’ll show up to our call prepared with an overall plan to address areas of concern. During each session, we’ll do a virtual walkthrough of each of the rooms at hand, address your questions (and fears!), and create change.

03- Through guided action-inspiring steps, you’ll discover the exact process you’ll need to transform your home into healthy spaces that support, protect, and reflect your vision and personal style.

04- In addition to each coaching session, we’ll conclude your experience with a final session to tidy up tasks + plan for what’s next.  

05- Extended coaching packages available upon request.

the Process

• You need an expert to work alongside you to clear clutter (inner & outer), toxins, and environmental issues to create spaces with clearer energy, beauty, and balance.

• You know your home isn’t working for you, and you’re eager for actionable steps and direct guidance on changing your space.

• You’re ready to deep dive into every room of your home to remove overwhelm & ditch the toxins that zap your joy and health.

Ideal For you if...

Create a healthy home for living that represents beauty, simplicity, balance, functionality and above all inspires you to live a joy-filled life. This 3-month coaching package provides the ideal support for you to live a clutter free life and make lasting changes. 

3 month 1-1 coaching



Learn More

• We travel to you

• Guided meditation

• New approach to journaling

• Develop your personal journal style

• Discussion threads for community communication

• Mindful workshops

• Interactive activities

• Create breathe-able spaces

• How to enhance unhealthy (inner & outer) spaces

• Me time

• Healthy home for living

• Curated healthy lifestyle gift bag

What's Included

Customized for your one or three day healthy lifestyle retreat.


• You need to simplify, beautify, breathe without the clutter & toxins that zap your health and joy

• You are seeking conscious beneficial ways to revitalize your being to embrace inner and outer love

• You need an energetic shift to bring together mind, body, spirit, and home connection in pursuit of healthier, happier living, naturally.

• You are ready to fully embrace a healthy home & well-being journey to live with with more purpose, passion, and zest

• You are searching for a new method to increase vitality, naturally

ideal for you if...

Charisse Marei and Debi Dunn are delighted to announce collaboration of our HEALTHY LIFESTYLE retreat offerings - where we bring healthy living to you! Our purpose is to empower women with the essentials to create healthy spaces (home & well-being) to reflect balance, beauty, and sustainable choices.

Get ready to deep dive into creative awareness of the mind, body, spirit, and home connection through a mindful journey of meditation, journaling, self-discovery, Qigong meditative movements, healing and energy modalities, creating healthy spaces (inner & outer), and action-inspiring activities.

It’s a holistic approach combining “the 3Rs—Release, Renew, Revitalize—your home and well-being from the inside out and the outside in with clarity, purpose, passion, and joy.

In person retreats



01 - Fill out the questionnaire

02- Our team will review

03- On our call, we will discuss the details to know exactly what you need in your custom package

The process

"From the moment we connected, she completely got my sense of what I wanted”

“You know that feeling when you just have to make a change in your home space? I know I do! So I contacted Charisse Marei. Being impressed by both the experience of working with her as well as the end product is such an understatement. I was a bit fearful at first that Charisse would try to impose her views on what my space should look like. NOT AT ALL!!!

From the moment we connected, she completely got my sense of what I wanted. And…she was absolutely amazing to work with. She was so full of life and positive energy, as well as excited to have me loving my interior spaces. From the big picture to the smallest details, Charisse was so committed. As someone who can change my mind from season to season, I never once felt that I needed to question her direction. I believe that you will find her background, skill and knowledge are unmatched. The feeling now when I walk into my space is such a great experience. I strongly recommend her!”


loves her interior spaces Now

Not sure eco-conscious design makes a difference?
See what our clients say about working together.

"We wouldn't know what to do without Charisse, she makes you want to keep going even after the project is long done!”

“We have worked with Charisse for years now. Charisse is professional, timely, dependable and has amazing talent. She has the ability to walk into a home and really understand and appreciate a person or family's needs. Charisse has the ability to really tie an entire home together all the while keeping individuality alive in different rooms. She always includes all family members in the process, understanding that spouses and children want to be heard and have their opinions heard and incorporated into the final product.”



"Charisse is a consummate professional, and one that is dedicated to helping you achieve balance, wellness with a touch of magic in your life!”

“Charisse Marei is an accomplished, and gifted interior designer, who helps her clients design healthy homes using Feng Shui principles, green living, and interesting applications of essential oils, even in paint!

I have personally known Charisse for over ten years. Early on she helped design my Wellness Studio to provide healthy flowing “qi,” Chinese word for energy, in the space. She is passionate about what she does to promote having a healthy home, body and mind, for most assuredly your health is your first wealth.”



"You can trust Charisse to make sure your home environment is beautiful and safe. What more could you ask for?”

“Her eco-conscious approach to living healthy is an essential need in these uncertain times. Trust is a commodity that can’t be undervalued by professionals working within the confines of our private spaces. You can trust her and her team to treat your space with respect. You can trust Charisse to be kind yet candid. You can trust that her advisories are based on an educated, experienced, eco-dynamic interior designer perspective.”



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