Healthy Lifestyle Retreats

Get ready to deep dive into creative awareness of the mind, body, spirit, and home connection through a mindful journey of meditation, journaling, self-discovery, crystal matting, creating healthy spaces (home & well-being), and action-inspiring activities.


Charisse Marei and Debi Dunn are delighted to announce collaboration of our HEALTHY LIFESTYLE retreat offerings - where we bring healthy living to you! Our purpose is to empower women with the essentials to create healthy spaces (home & well-being) to reflect balance, beauty, and sustainable choices.

It’s a holistic approach combining “the 3Rs—Release, Renew, Revitalize—your home and well-being from the inside out and the outside in with clarity, purpose, passion, and joy.

Experience an energetic shift creating clarity, purpose, and a joy-filled life

gain deeper motivation

feel good

have fun


Have a sense of belonging

engage in a community of like-minded people

feel more confident

Are you ready to...

The Healthy Lifestyle retreat takes place at your location, date, and time of choice.

Focusing on the theme “Release, Renew, Revitalize—the 3Rs,” conscious speakers from the fields of environmental science, Qigong meditative movements, healing and energy modalities, feng shui, and eco design join together to create a gathering of modern influencers committed to creating spaces (physical and emotional).

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How It Works




Fill out our inquiry questionnaire here to start the process.

Our team will review your submission and be in touch to set up a call.

On our call, we will discuss the details to know exactly what you need in your custom package


What you can expect at the retreat:

We begin with conscious intention and awareness with meditation and breathe-able breath work. It’s a gentle active way to release and bring us into the present momentum to begin.


All things in life begin with the planting of a seed, water it and watch it grow. We encourage you to come with the intention to learn, make connections and implement the strategies and mind shifts we will be sharing.


After the retreat, we will be sending you a summary of what we covered during our time together along with some valuable resources that will encourage continued growth to live a happier healthier life.

Eco-Conscious interior designer, coach + consultant, certified professional BBEC environmentalist, Feng Shui, and author dedicated to create spaces that unite the healthy home and well-being connection with ease.

Creating Clutter-Free Living without forcing you to throw it all away

Ways to create a healthy home for living that supports your lifestyle & well-being, sustainably

Designing spaces that support both the life you lead and the lifestyle you hope to have

Ways to create impact home, work, and play (both product & service based)

Charisse Marei

Certified Wellness Coach, Millersville University Professor & Corporate Trainer, Willow Valley Qigong Instructor dedicated to inspiring others to reach their highest potential.

Ways to create whole person wellness & health solutions

Creating ways to balance mind, body, spirit emotions

Strategies to manage your valuable time more efficiently 

Ways to find your purpose for living 

Debi Dunn

 Customize Your Healthy Home • Healthy You Retreat 

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