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Conscious Living & Green Design

As a practicing Interior Designer, I have an array of professional certifications specializing in healthy living. For over 20 years, it has been my mission to bring awareness to every homeowner like you, to educate about the negative health effects of a toxic living lifestyle.

Are you living in an unhealthy home? Are you using household cleaning and personal care products that can harm your health? It is both disheartening and empowering to learn about products we believe are safe only to realize they cause harm to our health and our earth.

As your guide, I will empower you with alternatives to make conscious choices on interior design materials, household and personal care products to enhance your well-being.

My pledge is to bring awareness to you through interior design consultations. To introduce healthful products for your home, body, mind and spirit with the utmost integrity and ability to enhance a natural, healthy lifestyle for you, your children, your furry friends and our earth. 

I bring to you a natural approach to transform you and your home to be aesthetically appealing, nourishing, vibrant and engaging without toxins and their harmful side effects; just the way nature intended.

My website is personally designed with intention to empower you through inspiring articles, brands I love with tips, blogs, images and carefully selected products to guide you along the way to a natural and health conscious living lifestyle.

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