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Charisse Marei is an eco-conscious interior designer and authorpreneur whoempowers and inspires people from all walks of life.

Her passion toward a mindful, healthy living lifestyle is a timeless journey to inspire and engage, to transform and manifest a beautiful, clean life.


She works with eco-conscious brands around the world that nourish the home, well-being, and the natural environment. Her design services and products are a compliment and work synergistically to transform the lives of those who realize change is needed to embrace a mindful, gorgeously gratifying eco-lifestyle. 


Charisse is the author, visionary, and illustrator of 2 non-fiction books and is also the creator of the ChaCha energy bracelet a design to unify and empower women around the world.


Her best days are spent in the studio along side “The Girls” where she creates beautiful content, so you can live a life you only dreamed of living.



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“An Eco-Conscious Healthy Living Lifestyle embraces life, all life.”


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