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“Knowing how to clean enriches the task of cleaning. As you learn you will develop a system, form a rhythm, and see progress. This equates to positive chi that synergistically harmonizes with your being and filters through the home.”

-excerpt “Eco-Conscious Home” book

A New Approach = A New You!

I had a bit of an attitude as I entered my bathroom in favored old blue jeans and a vented tee-shirt, for I knew the task at hand and dreaded spending the next hours alone in this space. Ugh. Chores! I had put cleaning at the bottom of my to-do list for several days now and each day I postponed checking that box off.

Then I remember filling the bucket with hot water and thinking about the hard work ahead of me, and the emotional toll that was happening in my mind. But I couldn’t put it off any longer, the work had to be done.

Then I happened to look up and noticed the breathtaking hues of expansive blue sky through the window, which immediately shifted my energy. Here’s what I know: thoughts become our reality. If I spent the next two hours complaining and in a negative mood, my reality would not improve, it would stay negative. In fact, I would be drawing more negativity to myself! I didn’t want that!

So I shifted my thinking to be positive and asked myself: what could I do to make“cleaning” more enjoyable? What I came up with are these simple yet effective steps to enjoy every stage of the cleaning process.

If you are familiar with my work, my signature style is the “One Room at a Time” approach. I find it to be a simple and effective way to eliminate overwhelm and get people started.

If you find there are too many rooms that need to be cleaned these simple steps may help you:

  1. Identify Your Project (room & objective)
  2. Schedule a Date (eliminate procrastination)
  3. Set the Timer Reminder (frees the mind)

Once you have decided the first room to tackle and you have your objective or goal in mind, you will be ready to start!

What can I do to make cleaning more enjoyable?

Mindset Matters

Empower yourself with these 5 easy considerations that will help turn your“chores” into a joyous event. And when you are done, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing it was time well spent!

01 A Carryall Tote

Being organized when you clean is a great start to cleaning with joy. This traveling companion satisfies comfy organization room to room. Any tote with compartments will do, but I love the 3RsTravel-Perfect Eco-Tote. Personalize it with essentials to complement your individual style. Fill one bag with soft cleaning essentials—cloths, pouches, and apron, and another for the dirties. trave

02 Attitude Reset

Begin each cleaning project with joy and inspiration. Did you know the energy you feel in a room is a reflection of you? Lift your energy by thinking of something that makes you happy orby envisioning how good you’ll feel when the job is done. Give thanks for the roof over your head and that you have a nice home to clean and then feel your energy lift. You’re on your way now!

03 Comfortable Clothes

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning because even if you are in your jeans and sweater, cleaning with restrictive or binding clothing is not fun. Select comfy stretchy clothing for smooth movement to do the task at hand with ease.

Did you know that color influences your mood? That’s why most of us feel sleepy on gray days, and full of energy on (yellow) sunny days! So consider putting on a colored shirt or hair tie that makes you feel good. You might be surprised that this actually works!

04 Aromatherapy

Pure essential oils are a natural way to bring beautiful scents into any space. I recommend them as a must-have go-to way to lift your mood. You may opt for an essential oil to enhance clarity, joy, or to inspire action. Feel free to dab drops over your heart, behind each ear lobe, on wrists, and through your hair. Or if you have a diffuser, use that while cleaning and breathe in the health-benefiting aromatics.

05 Music

Select your favorite tunes and blast them while you clean. Sing along and you’ll be done in no time! 

Final Thoughts

I hope this news helps put a spring in your cleaning routine. If you would like to learn more about how to Eco-Clean your home, I’m here to help. 

It’s time to create spaces that bring joy back into your home & help you live well. Be grateful, have purpose, celebrate the breath of life.

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